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Pairing: Remy (Bobby)
Rating: PG-13
Series: eMails & Slash Lists (story 2)
Category: sequel to: Bobby Drake joins a Star Trek slash list...
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Summary: Bobby Drake gets feedback on his first Star Trek Voyager slash story...

Bobby Drake gets feedback on his fic
by Scorpio

To: Chak_luvs_Tom@smutville.com
From: cajun_sexgod@xavier.edu
Subject: RE: Newbie bio and first story posting

> Um... Hi. My name is Bobby and I'm a student at
> Xaviers. I'm going for my degree in accounting. I know,
> I know... boring, huh! Oh well... I'm kinda good with
> numbers, so that's okay.

Hi Bobby. I go to Xaviers too. Didn't know you were on this list. Kind of a nice surprise, that.

> I just joined the list a day or so ago because I figured
> that it would give me an... outlet, so to speak. See, I'm
> *way* deep in the closet. No one here knows that I'm
> gay. Not even my best friend Hank.

I think you worry too much. I think you'd be surprised at how supportive your friends would be. Besides, it might be worth it in the long run it you did. You never know who might take an interest, mon ami.

> To be honest, it was never a big problem. Then a new
> student moved in. His name is... uh, I'll just call him,
> uh... Cards. Yeah, Cards. See... he *always* carries
> a deck of poker cards with him no matter where he's
> going or what he plans to do.

Cards, huh? Well... I've been called worse. Then again, I can think of other things I'd rather you called me... but that's not something everyone on this list should hear, oui?

> So... Cards moved in and I,... well, I fell for him
> real bad. He's so gorgeous! I keep on thinking about
> him and I even *dream* about him.

Hey, your dreams anything like Tom's dream?

You know... some dreams *do* come true...

> So, I figured that being on this list would give me a
> way to... uh, *express* some of this without him
> finding out. Ya know? Sounds silly, right? Yeah, I
> know, but I'm going to try anyway.

Don't sound silly to me. It's *good* to express your passions. But we'll talk more about that in private.

> Below, I posted my first ever attempt at fan-fiction
> and I hope you guys like it. Be kind.

I'll always be kind to you Bobby...

> Title: Tom Paris has a Wet Dream
> Author: Bobby
> eMail: coolstud@xavier.edu
> Rating: NC-17

Mon Dieu! Cher!!! WOW!

That was one steamy spicy story you got there. Brought a flush to this Cajun's cheeks.

I tell you what, I'll come over to visit you tonight. Sound good? You can be the pilot, I'll be the Commander and we'll go on an adventure together. Email me privately to work out the details.

Your fan (and soon to be lover)
- Cards


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