Remy and I started down the road to something real serious, although the beginnings were more frustrating than fun, despite all the flirtation. There was way too much uncertainty...and a few too many things that were conveniently left in the dark. That considered, then, what makes our early days any worse than our last ones?

The First Date...sort of
Okay, so I may have overdid it, but seeing Remy's reaction made it all worth it! Maybe I should "forget" to wear my curlers more often...Indestructible hair is so hard to manage, anyway.

This dress was always a favorite of mine. Made it myself, actually. And Gambit's reaction was priceless! He pretended to act all cool and suave, but I swear, the look he gave would've needed a shovel to scrape that boy's jaw off the cement. Too bad we had to get ambushed on the way to Taco Bell or wherever he was planning on taking me.

The First Date...attempt #2
Storm and Jean helped organize a picnic in honor of
Bishop's joining the team. Remy and I had our own little picnic.

What was originally supposed to be a private little thing between Remy and me turned into a mess between him and Bishop. Then it turned ugly...

First the boysenberry pie, then Remy's wife. The pie I could forgive. But the wife that he'd conveniently forgotten to mention...

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