After Belladonna's supposed death and that whole mess with Stryfe, I think that's when Remy and I really started looking seriously at each other...

Remy became my self-appointed "guardian" after I lost my sight in a battle with the MLF.

I don't know what he was trying to do, with all those mind games he was playing. I mean, why all the dramatics about trust and the "diving board exercise"? (Then again, I got him back with that flight I took him on...Almost crashed him into the house. Another excercise in trust...but on my terms.)

(And just so everyone knows, Gambit was not the first person to brood on the mansion roof--I don't even think I was the first. But I think he picked up that particular annoying habit from me. Sorry!)

After that one night, where he came up to me on the roof...I think we made a real connection. I was feeling really vulnerable, and instead of trying to turn that against me, he really tried to show he cared. And it meant a lot to me. For me, that meant a real breakthrough for the two of us, and it seemed like things could only get better.

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