Subj: There's nothing wrong with avoidance a little denial can't fix.
Date: 4/28/99 19:39:54 EST
From: (Robert Drake)
To: (Henry McCoy)


> Don't. Please, don't Bobby, just - don't.

Don't what? Talk about dying? Sorry Blue, but you're
gonna have to deal with it sooner or later, and avoidance
and denial is really more my thing than yours. So let's
just lay it all out here, okay? I'm dying. You know it, I
know it, the `family' might want to pretend ev-ry-thing's
gon-na be o-kay, cha-cha-cha, but I think you and I need
to stop dancing around it. I know you can cure Legacy,
and you know it won't be in time. And that sucks, okay,
that really does suck, but it's okay. I'm doing okay.

Look, I know you're online, can we take this to a chat
room or something? Here's the link.



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