*welcome to private chatroom 125. blueguy and coolguy in residence.*

Coolguy: Hey Blue. Glad you could make it. How you doing?

Blueguy: Fine.

Blueguy: How are you?

Coolguy: Hang on...

*coolguy will now be known as drake:*

Drake: Just so we don't get confused... ;->. I'm doing fine. As I'm sure you already know, given the weekly updates you've been getting from Cece.

Drake: Should I ask about the research, or are we not talking about that either?

Blueguy: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go behind your back. The research is progressing. We'll find a cure.

Drake: I know you will. And I don't care about the updates, I just wish you'd get them from _me_. Or get them yourself. By being here.

Drake: So. Why don't we leap right in and discuss why you're avoiding us? And in particular, moi?

Drake: Hank?

Drake: Ignoring me now too?

Drake: For fuck's sake Hank. It was an _accident_.

Blueguy: No it _wasn't_.

Blueguy: Is that what they told you? It was deliberate Bobby, I deliberately infected you with the Legacy Virus.

Drake: :::shrugs::: Fine, you don't like accident, `mistake' then. Fuck up. Oopsie.

Drake: And of-course they told me what happened. And Jesus, it wasn't like you shot me up with undiluted death or something Blue, stop being so fucking melodramatic. It was supposed to be a vaccine for fuck's sake, you weren't trying to _hurt_ me. You were trying to save my life.

Blueguy: Oopsie? Robert... If we don't find a cure in time, I've as good as killed you.

Drake: So who wants to live forever?

Drake: Hank?

Drake: Hank? Yoohoo, c'mon, talk to me big guy.

*blueguy has left the chatroom*

Drake: Shit.


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