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Author's Notes
by Min

Disclaimer: They all belong to Marvel.

I've finally decided to post this story that has been languishing in my webpage for sometime. Before anyone wonders about the fate of my other story Vicky's Diary and my intention to finish that one before posting this, hear me out. I'm hitting a bumpy patch in my life and I don't have enough emotional resources to draw for Vicky's Diary right now. But I'll be hanging on by my teeth and I promise that you'll see more parts when I can get them penned down. Also, Denise Keppel's wonderful Sometimes, even the music is against you is so inspirational to my story that I thought, what the heck!

Much thanks to anyone who has been reading it from my webpage and/or has written to tell me about it. Even more thanks to Mandy who proof-read the parts that you'll be reading immediately. She has been a source of invaluable help.

Okay, since I've not been reading the X-Men for a while, so I've taken liberties with some events mentioned. This is also my first attempt to incorporate what I learn from literature into my writing. Call me snobbish but putting into use the only subject I study in university does makes me feel better about my social worth in the future.

This is a relationship piece on Bobby Drake & Emma Frost. You can call it a prelude to Vicky's Diary. If not, just read it on its own. And like every other weird organism in the net (no, that doesn't refer to you at all), I happen to thrive on e-mails. Mail from you guys can either make or break an author, so wack those keyboards and wack them hard!

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