First, Do No Harm, cont. - by Poi Lass

"Hank." Jean hugged him, hard, and pulled away wiping tears out of her eyes. "Okay." She said firmly after a moment. "You need to put on a isolation suit if you want to go in there."

"I don't need -"

"Put on the damn suit Hank." Her voice was edged with grief. "I am not losing you, too."

He put on the suit before he went in.

"Hank." Bobby said, and smiled. "Well finally." And then he started laughing, weakly, painfully. "Jesus. Have you seen yourself? You look like a big yellow blimp in that thing!" And gestured him over, tugged him close, hugged him as hard as he could through the yellow blimp suit, and whispered, "It's okay,"

And, "No it isn't," Hank somehow managed not to say, "Nothing's okay."


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