First, Do No Harm, cont. - by Poi Lass

*welcome to private chatroom 125. blueguy and drake in residence.*

Drake: Thanks Hank.

Drake: I mean, y'know, for coming back.

Drake: Okay. So, whaddaya wanna talk about?

Drake: Somehow I don't imagine you've been doing much dating... Which is a good thing, actually, cos I still think you and Reyes would be good for each other, now that Trish is history ;-).

Drake: Oops. That was tactless. I didn't mean it like that. I mean I didn't mean, with the smiley, that I was glad you and Trish broke up. Just that, y'know... Cece would be good for you. Um.

Drake: :::carefully removes foot from mouth.:::

Drake: Um, Hank?

Drake: Feel free to join in the conversation any time.

Drake: :::twiddles thumbs:::

Blueguy: Sorry.

Drake: I _know_.

Blueguy: I have to go.

Drake: Don't. You. Fucking. _Dare_.

Drake: Hank??!

Blueguy: I'm still here.

Blueguy: Robert, what do you want me to _say_?

Drake: Anything but `Sorry'.

Drake: Jesus, well at least I finally know how to shut you up...

Blueguy: You're driving everyone there crazy, aren't you.

Drake: Is that you making an over-educated guess, Dr McCoy? Yeah, I'm doin' my best. Got my favourite partner in crime helping me out.

Blueguy: Invisible Wayne?

Drake: Oh yeah, ha, ha. I'm laughing on the inside Hank, really I am. Jubilee. She's visiting. I wanted to ask you

Blueguy: Ask me...? Yes?

Drake: Sorry. meant to delete, not send. Doesn't matter.

Blueguy: Tell me anyway.

Drake: But it's not-to-be-mentioned.

Drake: Hank?

Blueguy: Tell me anyway Bobby.

Drake: Oookay. Fine. You think I should send her back to school, or let her stay?

Drake: I mean, she said she wants to stay, and maybe Logan would be more help than her friends, but - I just dunno. She was pretty fucked up when Illyana died. I don't think she should be here.

Drake: Emma doesn't either.

Drake: I knew I shouldn't have told you.

Blueguy: Send her back to school.

Drake: That's what I thought. Okay. I will then. Thanks. Pretty soon, probably.

Drake: Are you going to be here?

Drake: Right, never mind, forget I asked, abrupt change of subject.

Drake: Here's one: I'm going bungi-jumping on the weekend.

Blueguy: I hope that's a joke.

Drake: No. Why? I've never been, I always wanted to try it. I mean, sure, I've done plenty of stupider things, but I've never done this particular stupid thing, and I figure I should try `em all. Collect the set. You know how obsessive I am about my hobbies. Besides, I kinda miss the constant adreneline rush, now that I'm not going on missions. Is there such a thing as action-withdrawal?

Blueguy: You can't go bungi-jumping Bobby. Don't be ridiculous.

Drake: Don't be a _dick_ Blue. I can if I want to. And I wanna, so I'm gonna ;-P. I'm going to tie a stretchy rope around my feet, and jump off a damn high building, and bounce. It'll be fun. Vomit inducing, possibly, but fun. Don't you think?

Blueguy: No, I don't think. I don't think you're in any condition to be doing anything of the sort.

Drake: And whos fault is that?

Drake: Ah, _shit_. God Hank, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry. I'm so full of shit, you know I am. I didn't _mean_ it, you just make me so mad, acting like you're supposed to be fucking Jesus or somwethign, get everything right all the time. And I just - I need someone to talk to, and it should be you, it's always you, but you're not here, and I can't even tell you I'm scared, because you'll just start feeling _more_ guilty, and I don't _want_ your guilt. I don't _blame_ you. Not for a second, not for _that_ - but yeah, actually, y'know for this, this _not being here_ crap, I _do_ blame you. And I am angry, and I want to hit you, or maybe just _somebody_ , and seeng as were in a chat room, the best I can do is be really mean, and I'm sorry.

*blueguy has left the chatroom*

Drake: zxc m,.\\

*drake has left the chatroom*

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