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Kinda Dented
by Lise

"I swear, Paige ... the metal table in that closet thing was dented!" Paige looked at her, an obviously disbelieving expression plastered on her face. Jubilee lowered her voice to a stage whisper. "And there was Bobby, looking all flushed again, and I think his belt was undone!"

Paige looked out the door of the room they were sharing at the X- mansion, just to make sure no one was listening to them. She peered up the hallway one way and down the other, then turned back to Jubilee. "Ah don't know where you're gettin' all of this, Jubilee, but you'd better not let anyone else hear ya!" Her eyes were wide though, and she leaned forward a little as she asked, "Was ... y'know ... was he..."

"No, Gumbo wasn't anywhere around, but I didn't look too hard in the back because, well ... it was kind of akward." Jubilee looked wicked. "You wanna go back there right now?"

Paige looked at her with even wider eyes, if it was humanly possible. "We can't ... Can we?" Jubilee saw the little glimmer of hope in her eyes, so she grabbed Paige's hand and dragged her off to the closet -- where just moments ago, she'd found Bobby standing against the door, cheeks rosy pink and belt half undone. She managed to glance into the small storage room, and saw that the metal table -- like the ones you found in older schools - - actually had a dent in it. A dent.

When they turned the corner, there was no sign of either Bobby or Remy (unfortunately). Jubilee grasped the doorknob, and Paige squeaked out, "Are ya sure...?" Jubilee rolled her eyes at Paige's hesitance, and threw open the door.

Instead of the scene they were hoping to find (which shall be left to the imagination for rating's sake), Jubilee and Paige found the room very dark and deserted. Jubilee looked behind her once more, and Paige followed suit, a guilty look on her face. When they were satisfied no one was going to find them, Jubilee pulled on the string attached to the bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, and the dark was illuminated.

What they found was more than a little more interesting. There was indeed a dent in the table, and it was quite apparent that the dust on the table top had been cleaned off way more recently than the dust on the shelves around the rest of the room. Jubilee ran a finger across it, and hmmed. Paige looked at her. "What?"

Jubilee smirked. "Well, it's obvious. They were going at it on the table."

Paige went bright red. "How do ya reckon?"

Jubilee looked smug. "Well, first of all, there's a *dent* in the table! A *dent*! And there's no dust on it, and there is around the rest of the room, and that means that Jean didn't clean in here for some weird reason or anything."

Paige looked a little less convinced. "They could have been changing the lightbulb or something, Jubilee..." When Jubilee snorted, Paige continued, "Hear me out! They could have been changing the lightbulb, and ya know how funny Gambit is about his clothing ... and so they wiped off the dust so he wouldn't get dirty ... and then ... uhm..."

Jubilee wasn't listening to her anymore. She'd found something under the table, at the back of the room, that she was crowing over. "I told you! I told you! They were doing it." She held up another belt. Jubilee said, "It's Gambit's. I saw him wearing it yesterday."

Paige blinked. "Really? Maybe they ... nah! Jubilee, they might have been doing ... something strange ... that one day in the Danger Room, but Ah just won't believe that it happened more than once!" She turned to go out of the room, but when she opened the door, she almost bumped into Gambit.

Jubilee saw both of them go a brilliant shade of fuschia, and decided to try and rescue the situation. "Yo, Gumbo. We were just changing the lightbulb."

He blinked, and mumbled, "Bobby an' me did that earlier, petite." Paige sent her a dirty look, that definitely said 'I-told-you-so'. Jubilee stuck out her tongue. Remy noticed his belt in Jubilee's hand, and coughed. She handed it to him, an evil glint in her eyes, and said, "So, Gumbo. You needed the room to maneuver?"

Gambit nodded hastily. "I forgot that I took it off when I stood on the table..." Paige was blushing furiously, and Jubilee looked liked she'd just eaten a -- well, something strange, she was trying not to laugh so hard. On the whole, the two of them were acting very strangely, Remy noted.

Jubilee was trying very hard not to snicker, so she grabbed Paige again. They made a hasty retreat with, "Okay, later!" Jubilee managed to get back to their room before choking on her giggles.

"They weren't doing anything, Jubilee. They weren't..."

Jubilee managed to gasp, "Come on, Paige! It's so obvious!" Paige just shook her head, a stubborn look on her face. Jubilee calmed down finally, and said, "Well fine. You have your fantasies about Gumbo and Bobby changing a lightbulb. I'm sticking with them going at it on the table." She stared off into space for a moment, and got a wicked grin. "Hard enough to leave dents, too."

Paige followed her gaze, and tried to look like she wasn't enjoying the image. She shook her head, and looked thoughtful. Jubilee asked, "What're you thinking about? Besides the totally obvious idea of--"

"Hush! Ah'm thinking." Jubilee shrugged, and waited for Paige to say what was on her mind. After a long moment or two, and after blinking several times, Paige mumbled, "Even if they were ... Why would he take his belt all the way off anyway?"

In the kitchen, Remy found Bobby sitting at the table, eating a bowl of Raisin Bran and flipping through the Sunday paper. He got an orange from the bowl on the counter, and then said casually, "Y'know Bobby, I jus' found Paige and Jubilee in that storage room down on the lower level..."

"And...?" Bobby didn't seem very interested.

"An' ... and Jubilee had my belt in her hand..."

"What did you tell them...?" He was suddenly very interested in his cereal.

"The truth. That we changed the lightbulb." Remy grinned at him, and popped half the orange into his mouth at once. He chewed, and then said even more casually, "Not only that, but Paige was more'n a lil' bit blushin'..."

Bobby almost choked. "You mean to tell me that Jubes ... and Paige ... and Paige was blushing?"

Remy nodded. "Yup. Jus' saw it with m'own two eyes." He looked thoughtful as he threw the orange peel away. He added, "They ran outta there pretty quick too. Kinda strange behavior."

Bobby finally raised his eyes to Remy's. He swallowed his mouthful, and asked fearfully, "Were their clothes rumpled...?"

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