Lightchylde Remastered
by Brian Newberry

Part Two

A gentle hum filled the room as the machines worked on the unconscious body lying in the bed. Down the hall Henry McCoy and Moira MacTaggert were the only ones in the med-lab. In fact, as soon as they got Jean, Rogue and Bobby out, they had locked the door. No one was to be allowed in until they had finished their examination. The lab was put under quarantine. They had also asked Jean,Rogue and Bobby to keep this to themselves. No need in getting hopes up thisearly.

So, as far as anybody else in the mansion knew, Bobby had come in with a young, wet, unconscious, battered blonde girl.

I'm a walking corpse, thought Hank. It shouldn't take but a few billion nanoseconds for everyone else to put two and two together. As soon as Peter hears, he'll literally be beating my door down.

It had already been an hour since the girl had been brought in and Hank knew it wouldn't be long now. Thank God we're almost done. Just waiting on the results of two more tests. I just need a few more minutes. At that moment a huge pounding was heard at the door. Oh my stars and garters! The jig is up!

"Doctors," a very thick Russian voice yelled through the COM speaker. "Open this door now!"

Moira looked up at him from her microscope. "Are ye gonna be getting that now, Henry?" She had an evil look on her face as she said it. "I do believe it's for ye," she chuckled. "I'm a little too busy to be answerin' that right now.

The Beast pointed a clawed finger at her. "You, my dear lady Moira, have a sick sense of humor." As he approached the door he told her, "I'll deal with this, you just go back to work." Hank walked up to the COM panel and spoke into it. "Can I help you, Peter?"

"Da," Peter's voice came through the speaker. "You can let me in right now."

Beast looked at Moira like a deer in headlights. "It'll only take me a few more minutes, lad," she told him. "Just stall him as best ye can. The lad has tantrums all the time. He'll be hot for a little bit, and it always blows over. And if not I'll be takin' care of him."

Oh my, Beast thought to himself. What can I possibly say to him?

An aggravated voice came through the COM panel. "I know you can hear me, Beast. Now open this door," Peter demanded. "Or I will come in my own way." A huge dent suddenly appeared in the door. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Crystal," Beast replied. "But I cannot let you in right now. And if you insist on persisting in this brutish behavior I will have to have Professor Xavier subdue you." He was racking his mind for a good enough reason not to let him in. "Moira and I are at the tail end of a critical set of tests. The lab is quarantined until we are done. As soon as we are finished, I will be more then happy to speak with you, Peter," Beast finished. "Now if you please, I have important work to get back to."

Please, God, Please, Mrs. McCoy's pride and joy doesn't ask for much, so just do this for me. Beast thought to himself. Another dent appeared in the door. Thank you for all your help, God.

"Moira, no rush or anything, but are you almost done?!?" he exclaimed. "I don't know how much longer this door is going to last, and I would prefer to have good news to bestow upon the super strong 6'5" Russian when that door gives way."

Before Moira had a chance to answer the door fell in on itself. On the other side was a huge angry shining man. "Now, Doctors, you will talk to me," he demanded as he walked into the room.

Moira stood up, infuriated that Colossus had taken it so far. "Peter Rasputin," she yelled while crossing the lab. One finger was pointed out towards him in a scolding manner. "Have ye gone completely daft? Ye've done some stupid things in your life, but this is one of the rudest things ye've ever done!" At that point Moira had reached Peter. Her finger was right in his face.

The Beast was taking this golden opportunity to get as far away from the two as he could. He found the sight of the two quite funny, once he was convinced he was out of firing range. Moira MacTaggert could put Captain America in his place and then take on Thor for an encore. He wanted well out of her firing range.

While Beast was avoiding the pair, Moira was continuing her tirade to a cowed Peter. "And another thing," she yelled, "ye could have ruined hours of work! Ye're just lucky I had finished with the test FIVE seconds before ya broke the blasted door down!"

Peter changed back to his human form. He looked smaller, and not only because of the physical change. He seemed embarrassed. "I am sorry, Doctor," he said apologetically. "I just thought--"

Moira cut him off before he could finish. "No, lad. Ye didn't think," she continued her scolding. "Ye just bulled in here doing whatever ye wanted. Not only could ye have ruined our work, you could have caused a lot of damage to yourself and everyone else! There are reasons we have a quarantine set up down here. Ye're just lucky, is all." She calmed down once her scolding was finished. "Now sit down over there in the corner and wait for a little bit." Humbled, Peter did as he was told. "I've ta speak with Dr. McCoy and call a few people down here. When we're finished we'll be more then happy to answer any questions that ye may have. Until then, wait!"

At that moment Kitty Pryde was in her room upstairs, getting reacquainted with it after a few years absence. She had been there all day, sleeping in late and reminiscing about the past, so she was oblivious to the rest of the excitement going on in the mansion.

The room was the one she had shared with her best friend, Illyana Rasputin, when they were both students at the school.

Just by being back in the room she felt closer to Illyana than she had in a long time. She could almost see her in her bed, sleeping away the better part of the day, avoiding doing any work until the last second. The thought brought a smile to Kitty's face, while almost making her cry at the same time.

Oh, Illyana, why did you have to go and get that damn Legacy Virus and leave me? I was going to make sure you grew up normally this time, she thought to herself. I miss you so much. You were supposed to live forever! Everyone knows time traveling demon sorceresses never die. Tears were flowing freely down Kitty's face now. But you didn't have any power when you got the virus. You were just a little girl. We thought you had finally beat fate, that you could be happy. Life had given you a second chance but, before you got to use it, it was taken away. Kitty collapsed on the bed and cried hard.

After an indeterminate amount of time Kitty was interrupted. ::Kitty,:: the voice of Professor X said in her head. ::Will you please join me in the med-lab right away?:: It was more of a demand than a question. ::I have some important news to share with you and some of the others.::

Professor, she thought back to him, this is really not a good time. I'm not very presentable at the moment.

The Professor sounded slightly irritated, but understanding. ::Child, I know how you are feeling right now. I didn't mean to pry, but every telepth in the house is fully aware of your emotional state right now.:: Kitty mentally cringed. ::It is all right, though. Everyone understands. But nevertheless this is important, or I would not bother you. In fact it will help you feel better.::

Professor, do I have to? Kitty protested. Right now I really don't want to feel better.

::Katherine Pryde,:: the Professor chided. ::You have not been the type of person to feel sorry for yourself in a long time.:: At this point the Professor got stern. She was suddenly reminded of the time that the Professor made her join the New Mutants. Kitty had sulked and pouted until she worked her way back into the X-Men. ::Now get out of bed, wipe off your face and come down here.:: With that the Professor cut off contact.

"AAAHHHH," Kitty screamed in frustration. "I HATE when he's right!" she exclaimed.

Kitty went to the bathroom down the hall and wiped the tears off her face. While there she quickly fixed her hair and straightened out her clothes. When she was presentable she phased herself through the floor.

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