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Summary: Bobby has to take a day off ... guess who he gets to watch the boys...
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Frozen Pop
by Shade

Day Seven: The Sitters

Bobby woke up the same way he had for the past few days. Small bodies were jumping up and down on the bed, and shrill voices were begging for cereal and cartoons. He rolled over to look at the clock and tried to read the blurry numbers. It was early, his brain decided instead, and that was all he needed to know.

Coffee, sweet cereal, and cartoons followed. It was beginning to become routine. Somehow, Bobby didn't mind. It was nice to have company in the empty house. His parents still hadn't called yet, so he hadn't had to worry about trying to explain. There was one problem though. He'd promised his mom that he'd run some errands for her and pay some bills. After the Mega Mart incident, Bobby was reluctant to take the boys with him.

He watched the two discuss Beast Wars. They seemed to think the show would do rather well in Mojoworld. With a quick sigh Bobby picked up the phone.



"'Allo? Xaviers."

"Remy! Up early again? You're going to ruin your rep you know."

"What you mean up early? I haven't been to sleep yet, mon ami."

"Why am I not surprised? Is Jean there?"

"Non, her an' Scooter left wid de Prof yesterday. Some kinda meetin' or somt'ing."

"Oh," Bobby sighed again.

"Is dere somet'ing wrong? Are de boys alright?"

"Oh, no they're fine. It's just I promised mom I'd do some things for her while she was gone, and I thought maybe Jean would watch the boys for me for an hour or so."

"I can do it if you like. Scott tol' us to take the day off."

"That would be cool. Little Remy's been kind of mopey the past day or two. He's been playing by himself and when I ask him what's wrong he won't tell me. Maybe while you're here you can get it out of him?"

"I'll see what I can do. Mebbe he jus' wants some real company instead of you geeks."

Bobby was about to reply with another comeback when he heard a low grumbling sound on Remy's end. He tried to make out who was talking, but couldn't. He did hear Gambit's reply.

"Eh, well den you want to come wid me today, Logan? I'm goin' to hang out wid a couple babes. You'd like them."

"Oh brother! He's going to kill you, you know!" Bobby said laughing.

"I'll see you later den!" Remy replied in a syrupy sweet voice. Bobby just hoped that Logan wouldn't blame him.

Two hours later, Bobby was trying not to laugh at a stewing Wolverine. The boys were thrilled that Remy was going to watch them. He supposed that they were still impressed at the Cajun's choice of vehicle. Bobby had already made the boys lunch, so all that was required of the two unlikely babysitters was to make sure that the boys had their nap later in the afternoon. Bobby made a quick exit and prayed that his parents' house would still be intact when he returned.

Little Remy sat in the living room playing with his Legos. BJ had insisted that Logan had to see his really cool football and had disappeared with the flustered X-Man. Gambit sat on the couch and watched the small him add a catapult to one of the castle towers.

"You mind if I play, petit?"

The boy shook his head, but still refused to look up at his larger counterpart. Gambit sat down and played with one of the little knights. Little Remy had quick fingers, he observed. The boy had the catapult ready quickly.

"So," Gambit finally said, "Bobby says you might no' be happy here. Dat worries him. He cares about you an' BJ a lot."

The room was silent again. Gambit grabbed a handful of pieces and began to build something randomly. Little Remy was also busy. After a few moments, the boy finally spoke.

"Dere de same. He wants BJ."

"He wants you too, Remy."


Gambit didn't push. If the boy really was like him, he would close up if Gambit didn't give him room. It was something his father had complained about often. The X-Man smiled at this, and wondered for the first time if he should tell Jean-Luc about the boy.

Little Remy turned and looked at the older man. His red and black eyes were burning with unshed tears. Gambit wondered when the last time he cried was. He quickly dismissed the thought. It wasn't something he wanted to dwell on.

"Why don' you want me?" the boy asked suddenly, still trying to hold back a sob.

Logan sniffed around Drake's old room and tried to ignore the constant chatter of the boy beside him. BJ hadn't shut up since he'd walked in the door. He really was like Drake, Wolverine thought.

"You're not like him at all," BJ said and stopped. It was the pause that caught Logan's attention.

"Like who, kid?"

"Wolvie! He always wants to play football with me and Remy."

"Wolvie? You mean the X-Baby like me?"

"Duh! Who else?"

"You all get along, then?" Logan asked, not really interested in an answer, but he knew he'd get one anyway.

"Yeah, except sometimes Warren plays, but Wolvie says he cheats because he can fly. Rogue usually smacks him when he does though."

"Rogue do that a lot?"

"We all smack Warren a lot. He's a doodie-head!"

Logan snorted, "Just like the real thing."

"Quoi?" Gambit said startled. The small red-on-black eyes in front of him demanded an answer.

Suddenly, it all made sense. BJ and Bobby would easily be close. They'd enjoy all the same things. Little Remy was just learning about family. He saw the other two as father and son. The boy was upset that Gambit had not tried to take care of the smaller him.

"Remy..." he started, but had to begin again.

"Remy, I'm no' anyone's pere. Some say dat I can hardly take care of myself. You don' see de way dat Bobby looks at you. He loves you two already. It's only been a week, an' he's opened his heart. I can't be dat open. I'd screw it up. You don't deserve dat. You deserve better, an' right now, dat's Bobby."

The boy whispered, "You don' care."

"Dat's no' true! I care. If I didn't care, den I wouldn't worry about you bein' happy. Listen, I'm not goin' anywhere. I'll be here. Bobby, he'd be mad if I tried to take you away from him. So, how about you an' me be friends, eh?"


"Oui, family is more den just a mere and pere. I could be your Oncle. Remy, he got lots of Oncles and Tantes. How does dat sound?"

The boy looked at Gambit for a while. He seemed to be deciding.


Gambit smiled.


Logan stepped back into the kitchen. He could tell that Gambit and the boy were having a serious conversation. BJ had finally convinced him to go out and play some football. Logan was going to ask the other two, but he decided to let them be.

"Looks like it's just us two, kid. We'll toss the ol' pigskin around ourselves. Then you gotta take a nap."

"But Wolvie!"

"No whining. Bobby said so."

Before the two could go outside, the phone rang. Logan picked it up.

"Yeah," he said gruffly.

"Bobby? Who is this?" the woman asked.

"Who's this?" Logan countered.

"The owner of the house you are in! Who are you!"

"Logan. The babysitter."

"Babysitter? What is going on there? Where's my Bobby!"

"Your Bobby is running errands. Remy and I are watching the kids."

"Kids! What kids!"

Before Logan could reply he heard another voice on the phone.

"Alright, Buddy! I don't know who you are, but you'd better put my son on the phone."

"Mr. Drake, as I was trying to tell your wife, Bobby is out. He left Remy and me to baby-sit."

"You're one of his X-Men friends, aren't you?"


"I knew it, Maddie! I just knew it! Leave the boy alone in the house and he'll throw a party, I said. I tried to tell you, but would you listen, oh no!"

Logan knew better then to try and interrupt the argument that was steadily growing louder on the phone, so he hung up. BJ was looking up at him expectantly. Logan just shrugged and headed outside behind the cheering kid.

Gambit was surprised to look down and see that he and Little Remy had built the exact same structure. It would have been very eerie if his ringing cell phone hadn't interrupted him.


"Remy, boy, why haven't I heard from you?"

"Papa! I've been busy. You know, saving de world for mutants an' all."

"Don' you get smart with me, boy."

"Sorry, Papa."

Little Remy looked up from his Legos. The older him was rolling his eyes. Remy looked at the shiny object in Gambit's hand and smiled.

"Gambit! Who ya talkin' to? I wanna talk on de phone!" he asked trying to look his most adorable. He proceeded to crawl into Gambit's lap and reach for the pretty red cell phone.

"Remy, non! Dis is my phone. Will you stop, please, little `possum?"

Jean-Luc's voice caught Gambit's attention again.

"Son, what's going on over there? Who is wid you?"

"I'm sorry, pere, it's just an X-Baby."

"A what?"

"It's a copy of me only as a little boy. I don' have time to explain it right now."

"Well you'd better explain. I want to..."

Jean-Luc LeBeau's voice cut off as the "End" button was mashed in the struggle between the two Remys.

"Now you done it," Gambit said with a sigh.

"Shoulda let me say `allo," Remy replied from the older man's lap.

"He's gonna be mad now."

The boy thought a moment before replying, "Don' answer the phone den."

"Good plan," Gambit said and stood. Remy giggled as he was dumped out of his new Oncle's lap. He giggled even more when he was picked up and tucked underneath a strong arm.

"Let's go an' see what de other two are into."

"'Kay," Little Remy said between giggles.

Bobby came back to a quiet home. He had feared death and destruction. He was surprised to find Gambit and Logan propped up on the couch, watching hockey.

"Where are the boys?"

"Asleep. That BJ's got a good arm on him. To bad you never got to play ball when you were a kid Drake. You could have been a good quarterback," Logan said nursing a beer.

"What `bout Remy's interception? Dat kid can catch!"

"Yeah, we just have to work on getting him to give the ball back after he catches it."

"Well, dat was my fault. I shouldn't have defined `interception' as `stealin' de ball.'"

"So nothing bad happened, and the boys are actually taking their nap?"

"Sure, Drake, what did you think? We're no amateurs."

"Unbelievable!" Bobby cried and flopped next to Gambit to watch the game.

BJ sat up slightly and punched Remy on the arm. The small Cajun murmured in his sleep and rolled over flinging his arm across BJ.

"Wake up!" BJ cried softly and removed his friend's arm.

"Waa? What! I was havin' a good dream!"

BJ giggled and asked, "About what?"

"Me an' Gambit goin' shoppin'."

"You mean goin' stealin'! Bobby told you that you weren't supposed to do that anymore."

Remy yawned before replying, "Well it's okay if you have an adult wid you. Isn't it?"

"I don't know. I guess."

"Why did you wake me up, mon ami?"

"You're even talking like him now!" BJ laughed. "I wanted to know if you were okay. You were sad before. Logan said that you and Gambit were talking. Do you feel better?"

"Yeah, I t'ink so. Gambit splained everything. Do you t'ink Bobby will let us stay? I miss the rest of de guys, but I like havin' a dad."

"Me too. If Dazzler comes back, we'll go an' hide. She won't find us and then we can stay."

Remy nodded. As usual, he left the planning up to BJ when Scotty wasn't around to tell them what to do.

"Maybe she won't come back," BJ said hopefully.

"Umm hmm," Remy mumbled and drifted back to sleep. BJ laid back and stared at the ceiling. He'd almost forgotten about Mojoworld. Living with Bobby was the best time he had ever had. Like Remy he missed his friends, but he also thought that having a dad was better. The small Iceman clenched his jaw. No one was going to take him or Remy away from Bobby. He'd see to it himself.

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