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Frozen Pop
by Shade

Day Two: Sick Day

Bob woke to the sound of a trumpet blaring charge. He opened his eyes slowly. Bobby was still using him as a pillow. His head lay on Bob's stomach and the rest of his body was lying sideways on the bed. Bob gently tilted his head up and saw Remy sitting at the bottom of the bed watching cartoons.

"Remy, could you turn it down a bit? Bobby's still asleep."

It was too late because Bobby began to stir. The little guy was covered with sweat. He was very pale and Bob was kind of worried.

"Bobby? Are you okay? You don't look so good."

"My tummy hurts."

"Well let's get you in the bathroom and clean you up. You're all sweaty."

Halfway to the bathroom, Bobby doubled over and began to gag. Bob hurried him into the bathroom in time to reach the toilet before he could throw up. Bob rubbed the boy's back gently until the stomach spasms were over. Remy stood in the doorway and squished up his nose.

"Better?" Bob asked. He got a little nod from the sick boy. "Well, you'd better get back into bed. I'm going to call my friend. He might know what to do. Remy, could you stay with Bobby while I run downstairs and get the cordless?"

Bob ran downstairs and went into the kitchen. He had put Hank's private number on speed dial the day before. That was probably what had got him in trouble with Blue in the first place.




"Huh ... Hello?"


"Bobby. It is seven o'clock in the morning. You woke me up, Bobby."

"You were sleeping in the lab again? Listen, this isn't a kooky call. It's important. Dazzler showed up yesterday and left a couple of X-Babies with me, Little Iceman and Little Gambit."


"Let me finish. The reason I'm calling you is because Bobby is sick. He threw up this morning, and he woke up all sweaty. I don't really know what I should do. Do I take him to the hospital or something?"

"It's very early, Robert. I'm sorry, but it sounded like you said that you were taking care of some X-Babies."

"Yes, and one of them is sick, Hank. Get with the program. It's not that early!"

"This isn't funny, Robert."

Bobby sighed as he walked back into the bedroom. Remy was sitting beside the sleeping Bobby looking very worried.

"I'm not making this up, Hank! Here, talk to Remy for a second. I'm going to take Bobby's temperature and see if he has a fever."

Bobby handed Remy the phone and went into the bathroom to look for a thermometer.

Remy looked at the phone and heard someone talking. The funny voice kept saying, "Bobby? Bobby?"


"Hello. Who is this? Identify yourself."

"I'm Remy."

"Remy, where did Bobby go?"

"He's right here. He don' feel so good. I don' t'ink he wants to talk cause he's sleepin'."

"No. I mean the big Bobby."

"Bob? He's here now. He's waking up Bobby and putting a stick in his mouth. He wants the phone, here."

Bob had to smile at the tiny Cajun as he held the phone up in his little hand.

"Hank? I'll be able to tell you his temperature in a minute, if he doesn't fall back asleep with the thermometer in his mouth."

"Bobby! Why are you taking care of these boys?"

Bob sighed, "Alison showed up and was in a jam. There's a war going on in Mojoworld. She was afraid that the bad guys would use the children against them. Things went sort of weird and she needed a safe place for these two to stay. I agreed to watch them."

"And she let you? Was she being mind controlled?"

"HANK! You know I'm good with kids. That and she was kinda in a hurry."

"Oh" was the only reply. The silence spoke loud enough.

"Wait, I've got the thermometer. It says ... One hundred point five. Is that bad? Do I need to go to the hospital?"

"No, it's not that bad, but you don't want it to go any higher. Do you have any acetaminophen or something that will reduce the fever?"

"I think that mom keeps some Tylenol around here for dad. It's usually the extra strength stuff though."

"All right, get the bottle and tell me how many milligrams each pill is."

Hank found himself talking to Remy again while Bobby searched the bathroom and then the kitchen. He returned to the phone holding a small white bottle.

"Hank? I've got the Tylenol here. It says that it's 500 milligrams per pill."

"Okay, that's going to be too much, especially if he has an upset stomach like you said. Are you sure there's nothing else?"

"I barely found this," Bob replied, worried about digging around in his parents' bedroom for drugs.

"Very well. What you're going to have to do is cut the dosage yourself. Are they caplets?"


"Good. You just need to take a knife and cut the pill in half. Make sure that one half is a little bit bigger than the other one, and then give him the smaller half. I'll get my things together and come to see you as soon as I can get a cup of coffee in me."

"What about the throwing up?"

"I'll bring something for that. If he throws up the pill before I get there, try it again. Also, be sure to give him plenty of fluids. Orange juice if you have any."

"Thanks, Hank."

Hank sighed and hung up. Bob did as he was directed. He and Remy sat with Bobby for a while afterward just in case he felt sick to his stomach again. The boy seemed happy enough just to go back to sleep. Finally, Bob realized that he might as well fix breakfast. He had just finished cooking Remy some eggs when there was a knock at the door.

Remy was excited that they were having company so he ran to open the door himself. What he saw was a giant blue mass that filled the entire doorframe. He quickly skidded back behind Bob and peered out from behind the safety of his leg.


"Hey, Hankster. It's just Bob for now. We all ready have a Bobby in residence. This is Remy."

"Thought dat was my name, homme," said an amused voice behind Hank.

Bobby put little Remy back in his chair and pointed at the eggs before replying.

"Hey, Remy, what are you doing out of bed. Jean, too? What did you bring the whole team, Hank?"

The aforementioned redhead slipped in behind Gambit and headed straight to give Bob a hug.

"No he just thought having a woman would be a good idea. That and I didn't believe him when he told me."

Bob shook his head at her and asked, "What about you, Remy?"

"Jus' curious. I had an early session wid Scott so I was in de kitchen when Bete tol' us."

Bob nodded and offered them coffee. Hank preferred to see his patient first, and Bob agreed to take him upstairs. They headed up without another word. Bobby was still asleep and Bob had to wake him, again. The boy was not at all frightened of Hank as he stepped forward and began to examine him. Bobby stood anxiously to the side.

Hank asked, "Do you know how long he's had the fever?"

"I just noticed it this morning, but he might have had it last night. That may be why he had a bad dream. He and Remy woke me up late last night. He was upset by the dream so I let them sleep in here with me."

Hank cocked an eyebrow at Bob, but said nothing.

"Okay, okay, so I'm a softie! Is he going to be okay?"

"It looks like just a little stomach virus. He should be feeling better by tomorrow. I brought something for the nausea. Just keep giving him plenty of fluids and let him sleep."

When Hank and Bob got back downstairs, Remy, Remy, and Jean were in the living room.

Jean looked up and said, "Hi, guys. Remy was telling us about I.M. Weasel."

Bob looked over at big Remy. He was watching the small him intently. Little Remy kept glancing over at him from time to time also. It was like they were sizing each other up.

"Yeah," he finally replied, "we were Cartoon Network heads yesterday."

"You don't intend on keeping them here, do you?"

"Jean, Alison brought them here because she was afraid Longshot's enemies would think to look at the mansion. I'm not going to endanger them. We're doing fine."

"Bobby, when I told you to find some responsibilities, I didn't think you'd go this far!"

Hank spoke up, "I concur, Bobby, you are out of your element here. Babysitting is one thing, but you don't know how long they will be here. You aren't seriously considering being a long term caregiver!"

A small voice interrupted quietly, "Bob, do you no' want us 'ere?"

All adult eyes turned to little Remy. His small face was cast down and his bottom lip was stuck out slightly. Bob looked up at big Remy and he saw a hurt in his eyes that was indescribable.

Suddenly, something felt like it struck Bob in the stomach. He realized how much the children needed him, and part of him realized how much he needed the children.

"The boys are staying with me and that's the end of it. I know that it won't be easy, but they need me. Alison trusted me to take care of them. I'm not about to let Alison, or them, down."

This surprising statement seemed to quiet Jean and Hank's doubts. Bob thought that he even saw big Remy give a small smirk of approval, but the expression was hid behind his long bangs, so he could have been mistaken. Bob walked the others out and they talked about the things the boys would need. Jean brought up clothes and Bob agreed to take them out and get them something more to wear if Bobby was feeling better the next day. They all promised to visit again soon, but Bob was almost glad to see them finally pull out of the driveway. Being in charge was slowly starting to grow on him, even though he wouldn't admit it.

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