Between the Woods and Frozen Lake
-=Author's Notes=-

As you can see from the story, I enjoyed the way Scott Lobdell succeeded in making Bobby Drake interesting and his treatment of the White Queen in the context of GENERATION X. While I do have reservations about a lot of Lobdell's stories (the one where Lockheed suddenly started talking -- in doggerels! -- comes to mind, also that for a long time he continued what others started by dumbing down Rogue so she would be Gambit's girlfriend), many, if not most, of the mutant-related stories and moments of the post-Claremont era were his. Some of his stories were alluded to here, in particular UXM #314 (Emma Frost in Iceman's body), UXM #318 (Bobby asks Emma to help him explore his powers), UXM #319 (Bobby and Rogue), UXM #331 (source of the "I'm sorry. I guess."), GENERATION X #18-19 (Emma Frost abducts GenX to her Canadian estate during the Onslaught), GENERATION X #24 (Emma's traumatic childhood).

This story is also to a large extent influenced by other people's fanfics about Emma and Bobby. Denise Keppel I've already mentioned -- she came up with the compelling idea that Cordelia is Emma Frost's daughter. Her stories Final Warning; Sometimes, Even the Music Is Against You; and Violations are archived at Ficworld. Some of the subject matter, rape and sexual child abuse, may be a bit strong for some readers.

Other authors who had a direct or indirect influence are (in alphabetical order):

Airawyn with Melting the Ice, an erotic short story of Iceman and the White Queen that is somewhat more explicit than the one you just read. It's archived on Ro's Treasury.

Desert Nomad and Cobalt Sunrise who wrote Roomies, achieving a quite effective mix of humor and feeling in a story where Emma once more finds herself a guest in Bobby's head. You can find that, too, on Ro's Treasury.

Dex, who debuted with a trilogy of stories around Emma Frost. Ice and Roses describes Emma's and Bobby's first date and manages to be both hilarious and touching. To Mistress With Love examines Ms. Frost's relationship with her 'problem student', Jubilee, and Hey, Little Sister! with that to Cordelia (who in Dex's version is the daughter of Emma's father's second wife). You can find all of them in the Generation X Fan Fiction Archive.

Min, the writer of two bittersweet ongoing series: Vicky's Diary is the touching story of Emma and Bobby's daughter who, after her father's death, struggles with her mother's emotional protective shell to discover Emma's true feelings. White tells the story of Emma's and Bobby's romance. There is also a short story, And the Cow Jumped Over the Moon, which shows the difficult relationship between Emma and Vicky from the mother's perspective. They are all on Min's website, The Numeraon.

All stories come with a warm Menshevik recommendation.

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