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The Flip Side
Chapter 2

Pouring rain, waterfalls, puddles of all shapes and sizes, flowing water spouts, broken fire hydrants spraying passersby in the streets, sprinkler systems, aquatic displays and water parks, glass upon glasses of water -- anything concerning H2O flitted through her mind, pulsing and raging until it was all she thought she knew.

But, the single most image that splashed her dreamscape was a simple toy -- one of those little things that could be found in a number of novelty shops across the country of little boys or male cherubs caught in the supposedly cute act of urinating.

There it stood before her, at first small enough to fit on a desk -- then the size of a water fountain, and even larger still. Once a small stream flowed -- then an effervescent horizontal geyser.

A particularly teasing horizontal geyser. Why that was, she had no idea -- 

Until she awoke with harsh light forcing her to squint and one word in her thoughts.


She had to go to the bathroom, and IMMEDIATELY -- more than she EVER had to before, to her knowledge. Instinctively, she sat up without a care for where she was, because -- to her knowledge -- she already knew where she was -- or so she thought... In her bedroom where she usually awoke. Even still, she sat up, swung her legs off the bed -- 

Felt...something...somewhere it shouldn't be.

What is that? she wondered to herself.

She blinked to clear her eyes -- and saw that she was not in her own room. That would have explained the harsh lighting -- no such lighting was allowed in her own quarters. More than that, what qualified as clothing that she felt against her skin was not of the sort she'd have chosen on her own to wear -- or this she was positive.

What she wasn't quite sure of was where she was or why she was there. She glanced around her -- found the medlab all around. She looked down at herself -- 

Breath caught in her chest and throat as she gasped, crystal blue eyes flying wide open.

"By the goddess!" she breathed -- but not in her own voice. "What -- " There it was again, deep and rasping. Gaping, she took a few seconds more to look upon herself without speaking. She opened her hands and looked down at her palms -- masculine palms. She flexed her own hands and those hands before her moved. "Bright lady -- "

"Ah. You're awake."

She looked up at the voice, every ounce of her surprise unschooled on her face. She saw a bouncing blue Beast not so bouncingly entering from his office. "H-Henry?

He nodded, trying not to appear too amazed by what he saw on Ororo's face -- the expression, that is... "Yes ... How do you feel?" he asked.

She opened her mouth to speak -- stopped herself from making that mistake again, and was then hit with something else.


She had to go to the bathroom. NOW.

Her surprise gave way to dismay and disconcertion.

She didn't know how to go to the restroom as anything other than a woman.

What was she supposed to do?

"Ororo? What is the matter -- besides the obvious?"

Her gaze refocused upon Henry -- a male, the only one that could help her. But could she ask him?

Or would she simply do nothing and --


Absolutely not!

She may not have had her body, but she still had her dignity and she would NEVER live down the fact that she'd soiled herself simply because she refused to ask for help. She knew what refusing to seek aid could do to a person -- she'd experienced it more than once.

Today would not be one of those times.

She cleared her throat -- and was greeted to a decidedly manly sound. Sighing, she closed her eyes briefly, then opened them. And then she tried to speak.

"I..." She sighed again. How could she ask?

"Yes?" Henry took another step towards her, eyes concerned. "Is there something I can get you?"

She nodded slowly.

"A drink of water, perhaps? Something to eat?"

She shook her head.

"What else -- some sort of medication, perhaps? An aspirin?"

She shook her head again, frustration apparent in every aspect of her new features.

"I seem to be unable to think of anything else," he told her as his eyes fell in contemplation of something else she might want, then lifted again to hers. "Perhaps if you told me..?"

Ororo blinked. She shook her head.

"No?" Henry asked. "No, you aren't going to tell me?"

She nodded in the affirmative, though with a bit of reluctance.

He blinked. "Ah. So, am I to understand that this will be a game of charades, then?"

She just looked at him, brow furrowing. Then, she motioned to her mouth. I dare not speak aloud.

"You...do not want to speak, is that it? Perhaps because of your...new voice, yes?"

She nodded miserably.

"Ah. Well, if you cannot tell me, perhaps you can show me?"

Her eyes went wide as she fervently shook her head, her mass of snow-white hair thrown to and fro.

Henry started a bit at how dead-set she was against a demonstration, which he would be ashamed to admit, piqued his curiosity. "Well. Ah...is this something you would qualify as an emergency, perhaps?"

Ororo nodded in all her circumstance's urgency, suddenly a diffident squirming mass on top of the medlab bed.

Henry arched an eyebrow, slowly nodding in comprehension. "You have to go to the restroom -- that's it, isn't it?"

Ororo averted her eyes, nodding slightly in embarrassment.

Henry smirked as if he'd deduced the answer by plucking it from her very thoughts. "Well, all you have to do is go, Ororo, really -- " Then, he paused. "Wait." He blushed beneath his fur. "You..." He looked at her again as if seeing her for the first time, and it was almost as if he were. "I...I realize now the, um, dilemma you face. Hmph." He scratched his fuzzy chin. "You...require instruction." How could that have escaped me? Perhaps it had something to do with the effeminate gestures Ororo still displayed, and rather overtly, too...

Could this possibly get any worse? Ororo wondered.

"Uh...hey theyah, sugah."

Ororo paled, gulped, then slowly turned, eyes a bit too wide for her own tastes. Standing in the doorway was Rogue, accompanied by Remy LeBeau.

Why did I even ask? Flushing, Ororo turned away without answering, heart thumping and hot shame washing over her.

Remy cleared his throat. "Uh...Rogue, she wan'ed ta see how ya was doin'. T'ought I'd bring 'er by."

I wish you had not.

The Cajun man came further into the room, pulling Rogue by a gloved hand. She skipped a step, nearly tripping -- she had been that distracted. He turned and blinked at her, finding her blushing and dropping her eyes as she brushed a strand of auburn hair behind her ear.

"Uh, ahem, sorry, Cajun." Her lips were turned up a little, well, guiltily, he thought, but not an altogether guiltiness, however.

His eyes narrowed just so -- then he turned back to Ororo, then back to Rogue, studying her for a brief moment. Then his own eyes widened, though barely perceivably so.

Saints! Rogue, she was checkin' Stormy out!

Clearing his throat softly, he pretended he hadn't noticed, which wasn't as easy as it could've -- or should've -- been. Turning back to Ororo, he found her trembling a bit.

"Wha's wrong, chere?" he asked as he came closer. Ororo did not move to respond. He looked to Henry McCoy of answer. "S'goin' on 'ere?"

The furry azure doctor glanced at Rogue first, then drew his similarly blue eyes back to Remy's red on black ones. "It...is a personal matter, Remy," he answered evenly.

"Ah. Remy not 'posed ta know, eh?"

"Actually..?" He looked away from the Acadian to Ororo. "You might be just what we need."

Remy's brow quirked up. "Oui?"

After coaxing Ororo out of the bed -- which required Henry to ask Rogue to turn her back, though Ororo would never admit to that measure being of her own request -- Remy led her to the bathroom. Moving once more like a stumbling newborn out in the wild -- or so she felt -- she made her way to the restroom, with only Remy accompanying her. As her best friend, Hank surmised it would be easier to face with him rather than himself, even if he were her physician.

The younger man had been apprised of the situation via a succinct whisper that Rogue wished she'd been a part of and might have gotten a kick out of.

But she wasn't allowed in on it. Absolutely not.

Remy had blinked at Hank several times before a chuckle tried to rise up his throat -- which he promptly stifled. Then, realizing the severity of the situation, he sobered even further. This couldn't be easy at all on Ororo and the least he could do was not laugh -- or look too obviously aware of how much like a woman Ororo still moved while in her male body.

At the juncture between the men's and ladies rooms, Ororo stood puzzled.

"Dis way," Remy told her, pushing open the door.

Ororo only blinked at him as if he were partially relieved of his faculties. Surely she could not go in there.

Remy smiled. "S'okay, 'Ro. Nobody gone arrest ya if ya go in, ya know."

Ororo nearly glowered at him.

He resisted in making a joke about how she had all the equipment that would grant her automatic entry now. "Ya comin'?" he asked casually as he turned and went in, trying not to make as much fuss about it, thereby soothing Ororo into a more expeditious compliance.

She stood there for a moment, contemplating. She really didn't want to go in -- she'd had a whiff or two of a male restroom before and for some reason, had the distinct impression that it was only by luck alone that she hadn't been assaulted by -- and stumbling back from -- the stench of urine already.

But, this was the mansion and part of the lab -- of course it would be clean at all times. And more than that?

She really had to go!

Resolutely, she walked to the door and took a step in...and then another. She found Remy waiting for her around the corner.

In front of a urinal.

"Dat's right," he told her. "C'mon in."

At least it was as clean as she'd thought it'd be...

She swallowed over a lump in throat before she took yet another step, the tile cooling the bottom of her feet as she stared at the sparkling white thing. There was no stall, just a line of those things along the wall, four in all, separated by partitions so that one had some semblance of privacy.

She's seen a urinal before, but not quite in this light before. No longer just a sight caught in a passing glance, she was now full on paying attention to them, forcing them to hold some meaning to her. And now, she had to learn to use one of them.

And in a hurry, too.

"C'mon over here and do like I do, neh?"

Glancing at Remy, she approached the porcelain object, mimicking his movements so quickly only because of the crisis that was the impending draining of her bladder that would occur with or without her cooperation. Her hands balled and unballed at her sides.

"Okay, now, uh, ya gone need ta, uh...gain access," he delicately put it, putting on a commiserating look.

She just stared at him a moment. Gain access?!

"Ya know wha' I mean," he said next, this time apologetic.

Ororo blinked at him...then slowly dropped her eyes, almost stealthily, as if the movement of her eyes could actually be heard by the wrong party.

She wore not a gown, but a two piece set -- bottoms and a top made of the same material, perhaps due to Henry's foresight that somehow eluded even him as to the needs of 'access' that Ororo might have later. It just wouldn't due to have to do this in a gown, now would it?

A gown. A two-piece set. Neither which she owned herself before this time.

She hadn't arrived in the lab with that outfit on. Someone had placed it on her -- Hank had. Hank, who'd...seen her...naked. He'd seen...that -- the 'wrong party'.

And what must she have looked like in the remains of her costume in the body of a man?!

Sweet, Goddess... She was mortified.

When she hesitated far too long for his tastes, Remy asked, "Pro'lem, chere?"

She didn't answer -- didn't even look up at him. She just stood there...gazing off into nothing, brow pulled together and lips slightly parted in one of the most pathetic looks he'd yet to see on her.

"Uh," he scratched his head. "It ain't gon' bite ya, chere."

She blinked herself out of her stupor and glanced at Remy quickly, not so sure that he knew that for sure or not.

"It's part o' ya -- might not always seem dat way -- but it is," he assured her.

Being that he was her best friend, she trusted him. But, being as she was also a man now, she wasn't so sure that she could be sure of anything.

"I can only guess wha' dis gone be like, but look at it dis way: if ya don' do dis soon, dere gone be a mess, and no matter who ya are now, male o' female, god o' goddess, ya ain't go have dat -- you wettin' ya'self, now are ya?"

Certainly not.

"Now, s'gone be strange, I know, since ya ain't ne'er -- well, far be it from me ta assume dat ya ain't ne'er touched one -- " The look she gave him next, a mixture of incredulity and exasperation shut him up quickly. He grinned cheekily and apologetically, and brought his hands up in abdication. "Sorry. Sorry. Shouldn'a said dat. Know it already." In his mind, he flashed back to Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element when what's-her-face pulled the gun on him for kissing her.

He could have sworn he saw thunder flash in Ororo's eyes.

"Ya know," he said, looking up into her eyes, "dat 'minds me. How ya powers doin', chere?"

She blinked at him, her ire draining from her face. I...I do not know.

When she'd awakened, she had no sense of them to the point where she'd forgotten she even had them. Her need to relieve herself was put off by her inner search for that presence, that inward detection of her birthright.

"Second t'ought, chere?" Remy said when he saw the level of concentration brewing on Ororo's face. "We t'ink 'bout dat later. Ya need ta go, right?"

She refocused back on him. Yes. I do. My powers can be put off for the time being.

"'Kay. Do like I do, 'kay?"

She nodded.

"Now, ya standin' like I am. All ya gotta do now, is...well, ya know, uh..." He scratched his face just below his right sideburn, then he motioned in the air in a roundabout fashion.

She understood.

She glanced back down to her waistband. IT was underneath there -- the thing that truly made her no longer a woman.

The 'wrong party'.

She had a penis now.

To say that it was disconcerting was an understatement of proportions so massive, the mere hint of it could probably level a building.

She swallowed, feeling a cold and greasy fear seeping from her breast -- she no longer had breasts, either, by the by -- and a trickle of the same fell down her back.

Damn it, Ororo! Do this or face the consequences!

Heart beginning to pound, she took hold of her waistband between masculine fingertips. She took a few breaths, preparing herself, swallowed over a lump, took in yet another breath, held it -- pulled the draw-stringed waistband from the well-muscled belly she now had revealed by the raising of her shirt.

Her pubic hair did not notably startle her -- it was the same as it always was, were one to go into such details. No, it wasn't that -- it was what was underneath, that which she slowly revealed by tilting her head back from the overhead lighting and her pelvis -- her now masculine pelvis -- up for a better view.

She felt her breath coming faster and faster -- like she was an easily frightened teeny-bopper at the first showing of Scream, or some other child with a fear of heights trying to overcome that phobia by jumping on the nearest and largest roller coaster she could find.

And then...there it was.

It wasn't as if she had never seen one before, because she had, and on several occasions, the least of which being the fact that in the village she had called home for a time, its people frequently went half-naked. She'd seen her share.

But this was different.

It was from the WRONG angle.

She thought that she would gasp on sight of it actually attached to her body -- but she didn't. Oh, no.

On the contrary, her eyebrows perked up without her knowledge of the occurrence, and the fingertips of one hand lifted her lips, also without her knowledge -- she was so absorbed.

"Oh, my," she breathed instead of "By the Bright Lady!"

It...it...was big. Even flaccid, it was magnificent! And it was hers! HERS!

And she could not believe herself!

This was not how she should have been behaving -- marveling at the size of herself like some other actual male. She should be revolted, disgusted, at the very least bewildered -- not proud. Not egotistically lifted by the knowledge that she as a male had something to brag about -- and a BIG something, too!

"Uh, chere? Why ya look like dat?" Remy asked her after another long pause.

She blinked up at him. "Excuse me?" Still too dazed, she failed to notice that she'd spoken aloud.

"Ya look like de cat dat found de one fat mouse with de limp."


"Chere, if ya wuhn't so shocked, ya'd be grinnin', dat's wha'. Wha's so..." He stopped. And stared for a sec. Blinked. How could he have been so dense?

Of course he knew what it was! And he was the one that was shocked...

"So. Like wha' ya see, neh?" he asked instead, putting on a wry smile.

She cleared her throat, blushing as she looked away, that self-satisfied look gone.

"Don' be 'shamed, chere. Only nat'ral -- bit soon...but nat'ral." He chuckled. "But dat ain't the point," he hurriedly added when he'd realized he should have just kept the humor to himself. "Jus' make it dat much easier ta deal wit'. Now dat ya seen it and ya over dat part, now come de hard part -- no pun intended."

She turned and glared this time.

"Oops. Okay. No more jokes. Promise." He even crossed his heart, smiling that 'please don't kill me' smile of his.

She gave him a look that said, 'let's just get this over with'.

He cleared his throat. "Now. Take hold o' it, 'kay?"

She just looked down at herself for a moment.

"Uh, chere? Don' get lost on me 'gain, 'kay?"

Blushing yet again, she lightly shook her head, removing all yearning to conceitedly gaze upon herself from her thoughts.

"Damn, chere, ya worse den Remy -- know dat?" He shook his own head, feigning irritation.

"Let us finish this," she hissed, loud enough to be heard, but not quite loud enough to blatantly announce her new male tones.

"True, do'," he muttered. "'Kay, now. Gon' be serious. Now, jus' stand up straight."

She was already doing that.

"Ya gotta take hold o' it so's ya can control it. Can't do it wit' no hands wit'out experience."

She sighed.

"I hurryin', I hurryin'. Relax. Now, ya, uh, got 'im?" he asked, trying to be sensitive to the situation.

Okay. She had to actually touch it now. Looking was one thing -- touching was quite another. This -- tactual confirmation -- would make it all the more real even if she could already see that it was indeed there and attached, her very own -- and impressive, she couldn't resist tacking on -- manhood.

"Now, ya ain't gotta strangle 'im -- dat's somet'ing diff'rent."

She nearly paled when she looked at him next.

"Aiight, aiight. Now I 'fficially stop de jokes. Promise and double swear."

"One more, Remy LeBeau -- just one more and I will blast you to the ends of the earth," she threatened in a low growl that was barely audible, but came in loud and clear to the slightly rattled Cajun man and former thief to her right.

"Right," he agreed quickly. "Ahem. 'Kay. Got 'im?"

She looked away, trying to calm that irrational thump of the organ in her chest as she slowly reached down... Do not panic, Ororo. It...it is a part of you as Remy said. It...it will not bite. Calm yourself -- by the Gods, I would rather be trapped in an airtight box than deal with this!

Her hand slowly closed over warm, smooth flesh --

She gasped at the sensation of touch -- gasped where Remy could hear her, and thus turn to see her stunned face and how she was no longer standing all the way straight.

"Oh, uh...shoulda warned ya, chere. Sensitive place dat is, ya know -- now," he added.

She couldn't turn to him just yet, not when she felt so ashamed, but she glowered just the same, making sure he saw that more than anything else.

"Ya get used ta it, chere. Promise. Jus' try ta focus on de fact dat ya really gotta go, 'kay?"

Actually, it wasn't all that difficult. The second he mentioned it, she remembered what it was that had her playing guessing games with Hank what seemed like eons ago.

She straightened once more, no longer partially hunched over, and removed the hand she had braced against the urinal.

"Ya ready?" he asked.

She nodded, though a bit unsurely.

"Now, don' jump de gun, 'kay? Gotta control it. Dis one o' de few times ya can', 'kay? Dat wuhn't a joke by de way -- actual fact."

Ororo nodded.

"Now, ya gotta ease into it, aiight? Don' wanna make a mess." He turned to see just how close she was to the amenity. "Don' stand too close. Don' wanna get ya'self -- o' melt de cake."

'What?' was the expression she gave him next.

He pointed to the white cake-like thing in the urinal. "De cake dat keep de t'ing fresh. Ya pee on it and it melt. Some boys do it fo' fun -- but Remy don' t'ink you'd be de type ta enjoy not'ing like dat," he added almost sheepishly.

With a frown, Ororo took a half step back, preferring not to comment.

"Jus' like dat. Perfect. Now, like I said, go slow. Aim where ya wan' it ta go and let it out in a nice calm stream, 'kay?"

Ororo concentrated on doing as he said, trying to discern the inner differences in how it felt to 'hold it in' as a woman and now as a man. Then deciding that that might take too much time, she went on instinct, feeling how to allow the passageways to open and to close and hoping that she did not indeed make a mess.

She took a deep breath...and let 'er rip, as they say --

Then, petrified as an ODD sensation rippled through her...down below. Pulse now racing, her eyes flew open, though that particular reaction was being slowed by her high held dignity -- and only that reaction.

But the other? It wasn't listening. Oh, no -- not that one.

She tried not to hallo as her still new genitalia began to stiffen before her eyes, instead moaning breathlessly, teeth clenching. Shaky on her feet, aiming was now more than a bit difficult. Filled with a heat that manifested itself outwardly as a layer of maroon upon her dark skin, she hurriedly tried to force the thing to _go_back_down_.

And it wouldn't listen!

It just made it all the more insistent on standing high and proud! Like the spear of a mighty warrior from her native homeland that would not be broken...or brought down. Just as Remy had indicated it would -- not exactly, but similarly, nonetheless!

Goddess, NO! St-stay down! Sit! SIT! Bright Lady, it's not a dog, Ororo!

But it was behaving like one -- like a naughty puppy.

"Uh, chere? Chere?"

She couldn't answer him -- she barely heard him. But when he repeated himself, a twisted, psychotic, and overly masochistic part of herself just had to acknowledge Remy to make this moment just as BAD as it could possibly get.

Then, suddenly, she was twisting away from him, blocking from view her embarrassment, for lack of a better phrasing, clenching back an audible sound and trying not to panic.

At least, not anymore than she already was.

All but gasping, she glanced down to find herself fully erect.


For a sweet, beautiful second, she was captured by an awe that took her breath away even more than it had already been stolen -- almost completely enraptured by the powerful sight of herself staring back --

Then she came to her senses once again.

Goddess, why NOW?! It wasn't like she'd been a man for all that long, was it?

"'Ro? Wha's de matter?" Remy blinked at his long-time friend, wondering what it could be that sparked her abrupt inability to go through with this. She did have to go, didn't she? "Chere, speak ta me."

But she couldn't do that. Not at a time like this -- she couldn't let him see. Not this. What -- what am I supposed to do?!

Narrowing his eyes thoughtfully, Remy turned towards the form that was now that which physically represented Ororo Munroe. "'Ro? Answer me. Wha's wrong?"

Not answering, she pressed her palm against the cool surface of the wall, then slowly rested her temple against it, too, trying to calm herself and her erratic breathing. I -- I just have to calm myself. Just be calm... Calm -- damn it all! Why aren't I calming?!

Meanwhile, Remy cocked his head to one side a bit as he took in Ororo's new posture, how she was now hiding from him... Wha' de hell coul' be makin' her do dat--

Blinking, he nearly smacked himself in the head as he was struck with sudden insight --

And then he facepalmed.

"Merde," he muttered, shaking his head with a deep, suffering sigh. "Almos' made it, too..."

When they emerged some time later, Hank and Rogue were talking quietly, which halted when they noticed they weren't alone. Both looked up to see Remy and Ororo standing side by side, Ororo a bit taller than Remy now -- though not due to what she'd just gone through...

Rogue wasn't quite able to take her eyes completely away from Ororo. Despite how off she looked due to the fact that she was dealing with the repercussions of being a man, which were disconcerting -- something Rogue knew well enough, though not so permanently -- and the fact that Ororo had truly been a woman the other day, Rogue could not help but be...attracted.

Ororo was gorgeous, male or female.

"Did everything come out okay?" Hank asked before his hand could get the chance to clamp over his mouth and beat his foot in getting there.

His foot won out.

Ororo's brow furrowed as she strained to keep her dignity about her.

"Ev'ryt'ing be fine, Hank," Remy answered quickly, glancing up at Ororo -- and nearly grimacing.

"Ahem. Good. Very good."

Ororo went back to her bed, walking a bit easier now that she'd been on her feet for a few moments...and had overcome her slight...misadventure. When she got there, she paused -- then turned to Henry.

She cleared her throat before speaking and averted her eyes so that she wouldn't have to see what was in Henry's as she spoke. "I wish...to return to my room," she told him quietly.

"At this time, I do not feel that it is wise for you to -- "

"Is there something you can do for me that you have neglected to mention?" she asked, looking at him now, her need to be away from that sterile place crowding out whatever hesitations she had at looking him in the eye.

He gave her a truly rueful look. "No," he answered quietly.

"Am I suffering from some injury that demands further treatment?"


"Then why must I remain here?"

Hank watched her for a moment, saying nothing. He had no reason, really, other than observation. There was nothing that he could do for her.

"Well, then," she said, gaining her answer from his silence. "I will be in my room, then." She turned towards the door.

Rogue stood there.

Pride flushing throughout her, Ororo kept her head high as she moved in that direction. She nodded in acknowledgement to the young woman as she moved past her, even if she didn't feel much of that self-regard inside.

Rogue returned that nod -- though she looked to be a bit red in the cheeks. It was only because she was smiling in that way that she was that Ororo wasn't offended. She continued on.

Remembering something, though, she paused. Half looking over her shoulder, unable to truly meet his eyes and denouncing herself for it even at a time such as that one, she said, "Thank you, Remy, for your assistance." ...If one could call what she'd went through just previous to finally relieving herself 'assistance'.

Remy shrugged easily, though what they'd just went through together was more than just a little harrowing -- though he wouldn't call a six-minute recap of what went on last week on All My Children harrowing, even if Ororo did. Hell, he had fun with it -- she'd been the only person that could stay in the room with him after three and a half minutes of it, and he didn't count the fact that she couldn't have left if she'd wanted to against her.

"Dat's wha' friends fo', chere."

She nodded, a brief flash of Erica Cain wearing a mask to cover half her face after an accident of some sort dancing through her mind -- then she beat a not so hasty retreat to her room.

For a long moment, there was nothing but pin-dropping silence. It seemed that no one knew what to say. Not the Cajun whose best friend and most trusted ally in the whole world was now a man who, perhaps, was in possession of a possibly preferable penis to his own. Nor was the puzzled physician whose perplexity could only be penned by his powerless.

But Rogue wasn't quite so speechless.

Shaking her head almost wistfully, hands on full hips, she said, "Ya know what, Cajun? Ah think ya just got knocked outta the placin' fo' 'Best Ass' around heyah, sugah."

continued >>

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