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Channel Surfing
(or, Kael Will Kinda Hit Me)
by Lise

Scott cleared his throat, and nodded to Bobby on the couch. He said, voice friendly, "Could I have a minute, Bobby?"

Bobby said, "Sure." He was slumped down low, channel changer in one hand. His whole body was lax and virtually unmoving, save for the occasional click of his thumb over the remote control. Click, the Discovery Channel. Click, Comedy Central. Click, CNN. Click--

"Bobby, would you turn that off for a minute?"

Bobby roused himself enough to look at Scott. He had almost sounded frustrated. Scott moved into the room, and sat in the recliner facing the couch. Bobby aimed the remote. Click, and the television was muted, the mouths of CNN newscasters moving silently against a backdrop of Easter European conflict. Bobby didn't even know what country they were talking about, even before Scott made him turn it off. He hadn't really been listening to begin with.

Scott cleared his throat again. He looked lost in thought for a minute, and Bobby asked a little crossly, "What, already?"

Scott blinked. "I just thought..."

He looked distinctly uncomfortable, which Bobby might have grinned at some months ago.

Click, a local station. Bobby glanced back at the television. The pretty woman was pointing to a map of New York, and caricatures of clouds appeared magically behind her. Apparently they were in for rain tomorrow. Bobby looked back at Scott, getting impatient for him to say whatever the hell was on his mind so he could go back to ignoring the television.

"I wanted to ask ... is there something going on between you and Warren, Bobby?"

He didn't mutter what was on the tip of his tongue -- 'Anything more than the normal tension, that is?'

Bobby slouched back down into the couch cushions, and rested his head against the back comfortably. "Is that all."

Scott said quietly, "All? Bobby, you know I'd never pry, but Jean is beside herself trying to keep something from me, and I know something's going on ... I'm your friend. You know we can talk, Bobby."

Bobby turned the volume back on, but set it low. Click, the TV listings channel. He realized with a start that it was almost three o'clock in the morning. Click, an eighties movie, identifiable by the hairstyles and bad camera work. He raised an eyebrow, as another pretty girl came onscreen. She was mumbling something about not having a date for prom, and he snorted softly. His eyes stayed glazed, staring at the people onscreen, while he answered Scott. "Warren and I slept together last night."

Scott gulped audibly beside him. "You ... ahh." He seemed incredibly unwilling to comment any further.

The shock appeal alone would have made Bobby grin, if it were months before. Bobby swiveled his head to stare at Scott, before swiveling back to the mindlessness on TV. Scott seemed to be waiting for more. Click, an infomercial about the best Slicer and Dicer ever. He shrugged. "It was just sex, Scotty."


Scott was an intent audience, and so Bobby continued. "I don't know why Jean's keeping it a secret. Maybe Warren's embarrassed, you'll have to talk to him. I don't know."

Scott stood up, the concerned look on his face completely missed by the man watching TV. He said uncertainly, "So ... it was just sex?"

Click, an ad for phone sex with women with very big hair. Bobby skipped that one immediately. "Mmm."

Scott said softly, "Then why are you up at three o'clock in the morning?"

Click, Jerry Springer, and Men Who Wanted To Be Women, But Their Boyfriends Don't Want Them To. Bobby cocked his head to the side, and wanted to chuckle, except it hurt a little too much. Click, a man in long black robes holding a bible. He turned the volume up a little more, and the man began talking audibly about all the various Sins unavailable to try. He muted the TV again when the word 'faggot' was dropped. Click--

"Hmm? What's worth being awake for at three in the morning?" Scott's voice was gentle, probing.

Bobby sat up a little bit, and looked at him. "I'm a compulsive channel surfer who isn't being given any responsibilities on a team of superheroes, so I've got a lot of time to waste." It didn't sound bitter, it didn't sound angry. Not to his ears. "What are you doing up at three, Summers?"

Scott stood up a little stiffly, hearing Bobby choose to call him that. "I'm trying to reach out to a friend. But okay ... it was just sex. Have a good night, Bobby."

Click, another cheesy movie about TrueLove(tm) at the high school prom. Wait, this might have been the same movie as before. He eyed the girl, and tried to remember if the other one had had blond hair, or brown. He gestured to Scott absently, eyes still a little glazed over. "See you, Summers."

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