Warren Worthington has pretty much left the team for now, and maybe that's for the best. Lord knows he's got plenty to work out right now. And with everything that's happened recently, I'm not sure that I'd even be comfortable with his continued presence in the mansion.

You just gotta love Dr. Henry McCoy. Smart, playful, and lots of fun. And the man makes a mean pina colada to boot.

This boy's pretty much MIA for the moment. He and Deathbird disappeared when we were all in outer space battling the Phalanx. With all that happened after that Onslaught mess, Bishop was worried that he no longer had a purpose in our time. Let's hope that he's found something to help him change his mind about that.

It's easy to dismiss Sam Guthrie as being just a poor farm boy that doesn't know anything, but in his case, appearances can definitely be deceiving. I've got a hunch he's got a few tricks up his sleeve yet.

Cecelia Reyes
Doc Reyes is one of the newest people to join the team, although she hasn't really joined the team, if you know what I mean. The life of a superhero isn't for her, and she knows that -- She wants to be a superhero in her own way, continuing her life as a doctor. I can only wish her the best, I suppose.

Scott Summers is the poster boy for all things X. You name it, he's probably done it. But as much as we all tease him, he's amazingly able to get us all to respect him and follow him into battle. He's sacrificed so much for this team and its members, and I think we all recognize that.

Once an X-Man always an X-Man, they say...
I wonder if the same will hold true with him.

If every team has its requisite class clown and general prankster, Bobby Drake is ours. We've got to bolt our doors at night sometimes in the women's wing just to keep him from playing one of his pranks (althoguh I have been known to let him in on occasion to help him out with a few of long as he doesn't tell anybody).

Boy didn't hang around long enough to get himself a proper codename. He came to us with no memory of who or what he once may have been, and I kind of bore the responsibility of welcoming him into our fold. I hope that now, since his departure, he's been able to find some kind of peace with himself.

Japheth is the latest dark and mysterious figure (TM) to join our ranks of late. He probably has his skeletons in his closet, and he has yet to fuly trust us, but I don't think he'll wind up being any kind of threat to us. Although the man's positively quite the flirt.

If anyone's a wild card with this bunch, it's Sarah. The tension between her and Storm could explode at any time, and she's only encouraging the chances of a showdown with her antics. Maybe with time she'll tone it down, and we'll all get used to her harshness. Maybe.

Betsy Braddock has changed so much since she was the English maiden I once knew. Actually, I never knew her old self very well -- she got along better with Carol -- and I've never really had the chance to get to know her since her transformation. We're more like two poeple who live in the same place, but don't know each other very well. That probably won't be changing any time soon, since she left the team with Warren.

If Cyclops is the poster boy, Jean Grey-Summers is definitely the "den mother" of sorts for our group. Next to her husband, she's pretty much seen it all, including standing in the face of death not a few times. She's got more fire, spunk and spirit than most of us.

Look. Me. Wow.
I need to get a better mug shot on file. This is positively awful.
Way too depressing for my taste.

With Cyclops and Jean off in Alaska, Ororo Munroe and Wolverine have been splitting the leader duties. It strikes me as odd that 'Ro would permit that, despite her friendship with Logan, since her leadership role with the team has always been such an part of how she defined herself. But the way things are going, Logan's going to be the one breaking up the fights in this team -- between Storm and Marrow.

Logan's seen it all and done it all, literally.
You never see that boy surprised about anything.
Like he says, he's the best there is at what he does. 'Nuff said.

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