Subj: Message from Bobby
Date: 4/30/99 15:18:28 EST
From: (Scott S.)
To: (Henry McCoy)


I guess Cecelia told you, Bobby's been in quarantine for
the last couple of weeks. He still has a computer in
there, but he's getting too weak to use it, so he asked
me to send you this:

"If you're not back before I bite it, I'll haunt you
forever, you big stupid ball of fur. All is forgiven.
Come the fuck home."

I thought about... paraphrasing, but he told me not to.
Besides, I thought it had a certain something, just the
way it was.

He also told us to give you until tomorrow to come back
by yourself, otherwise, we're coming to get you, and I
swear Hank, I will haul you home by the fur myself if you
aren't back in 24 hours.
I never wanted to have to say this, but there isn't a lot
of time left. It's progressed so much faster than we
expected. You need to be here. Bobby needs you to be
here. We all do.

Come the fuck home.



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