Subj: Okay, you asked for it,
Date: 4/12/99 20:37:55 EST
From: (Robert Drake)
To: (Henry McCoy)

here's Bishop's joke:

`Two guys went to a fancy dress party (are you scared yet
Hank? Are you?)

The first guy came completely naked, with his penis in a
bowl of custard. The second guy came in, went over to a
potplant in a corner of the room, and peed in it.

The hostess was a little annoyed.

She said, "Look, what's all this about? This is a fancy
dress party, not a student orgy. I asked you to come as
an emotion or a feeling."

The second guy said, "We did. I came as pissed off, and
he's fucking dis-custard."'


I told you you'd regret not coming home.



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