Subj: How dumb _are_ you??!
Date: 4/8/99 23:45:12 EST
From: (Robert Drake)
To: (Henry McCoy)


You're really starting to piss me off now, you know that?
Where the fuck are you, anyway? I know you're not on
Muir, I checked. Not staying with the Avengers, not
hanging with whatshisname, that weird doctor friend of
yours. Alan? Alex? Ivan? Anyway, not there. You fucked up
Cerebro but good before you left, and the prof can't find
you either. I got Remy to trace your credit cards, but
you're not using them. What are you living on?

You know, I'm really starting to get worried. Do you
_want_ me to worry? I'm told it won't help my health. Not
that you'd know anything about that, what with your not
being _here_, and all. And no, I have no qualms
whatsoever about using emotional blackmail. Whatever
works, right?

So, is it working?



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